STEM Workshops

We offer various workshops for groups of students for a range of ages. If a topic isn't listed here, just mention it to us and we could probably develop something.

We also run team building and communication workshops for adults such as escape rooms, building challenges, and hands-on STEM curriculum development.

To book a workshop, send us an email at with suggested dates and topics as well.


All of our workshops provide topics in STEM as well as various life skills.

  • Girls in STEM

  • Chemistry and Physics Show

  • Computer Programming

  • Empowered Engineers

  • Feel the Force

  • Exciting Energy

  • Bodily Functions

  • Living Things

  • Games and STEM

  • Leaders in Training

  • The Power of Teamwork


Prices depend on the host (non-profit vs private), supplies, travel distance, and number of participants in the group.

Non-profit groups (Girl Guides, Libraries, etc.) please contact us and we will work with your budget.

Schools are $160 for one hour or $200 for two hours (up to 30 students) plus $10 per half hour from Guelph.

Why Choose Us?

  • Every workshop has a hands-on activity that directly relates to the lesson.

  • Students get to keep what they make and continue to learn/develop once we're gone.

  • We follow the Ontario Curriculum based on Grade expectations.

  • We are realistic and work on applying skills. When we run an engineering workshop we don't tell students that "today we will be engineers". Instead, we mention what engineers are and what they do, and we then say that we're going to practice some of the skills that engineers use such as problem solving, teamwork, communication, etc.