About Us

What We Offer

Life Gears Academy is an organization that offers programs in various locations that provide youth with skills in exploratory environments in the form of camps and after-school programs. These programs will work to teach various life skills including leadership, problem solving and mindfulness through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based activities.

Our focus is on STEM camps to empower young minds in areas that we see advancing every day. These camps will offer various topics inspired by locations and skilled individuals that we encounter. These camps will also naturally cover life skills such as communication and teamwork, with specialized activities designed to develop and strengthen skills such as decision making and mindfulness.

We offer various programs for youth including workshops and clubs that will involve learning outcomes tied to the Ontario STEM curriculum expectations while also showing how these topics apply to life.

Mission Statement

We believe that everyone has the potential to accomplish greatness and that there isn't one set path that works for everyone. At Life Gears Academy we work to expose youth to various concepts and tasks so that they can find their interests that exist where they might not see it in the classroom or in the home.

At Life Gears Academy we work to fill the gaps that school might leave, while making connections to what is learned there. Empowering youth to discover their potential and flourish with an open mind capable of learning from life and their surroundings. Following a hands-on approach where learners are digging deep into concepts and developing an understanding while also working as a confident and reliable teammate.


Using hands and objects to solve logic puzzles.

Our Beliefs

  • We should not encourage all youth to enter STEM, but instead eliminate stereotypes or misconceived ideas about STEM careers and research so that those who are interested will be confident with their choice.
  • We should educate youth about the reality of STEM education and the life skills it will require to achieve success. So many kids are encouraged to enter STEM fields whether they would be suited for that path or not and this can lead to failure and disappointment.
  • Be realistic and open with our students and campers about STEM jobs rather than only mentioning the perks. This will build confident and capable leaders of the future and allow youth to be properly guided down the path that will empower them.