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About Us

What We Offer

Life Gears Academy is a not for profit organization that provides youth with skills in exploratory environments in the form of camps, workshops, and after-school programs. We focus on developing various life skills including leadership, problem solving, and empathy through STEM-based activities.





We want to empower young minds in areas that we see advancing every day. These programs are inspired by caring individuals and organizations that we encounter who align with our values. These programs aim to encouraging youth to make a difference in their communities.

Why We Do What We Do

We aim to build connections with each other, ourselves, and nature while honouring that there isn't one set path that works for everyone. At Life Gears Academy we work to expose youth to various concepts and tasks so that they can find their interests that exist where they might not see it in the classroom or in the home.

We work to fill the gaps that the school environment might leave, while making connections to what is learned there. Empowering youth to discover their potential and flourish with an open mind capable of learning from life and their surroundings. Following a hands-on approach where learners are digging deep into concepts and developing an understanding of how to apply it in ways that can create solutions to various problems.

Our Values

Our programs take place in various schools and community spaces in an effort to make programs more accessible. We focus on empowering groups who are under-represented in STEM such as girls, under-resourced and marginalized youth, and we also engage seniors when it is safe. We provide subsidies and resources for youth by partnering with local organizations that have connections with various groups of youth including newcomers to Canada, those experiencing poverty, and other groups that may not usually have an opportunity to attend camp. We also work to hire women in STEM fields, youth who are marginalized, and those who are new to the workfield and are actively designing environments that are safer for them to work in.

The story so far

Started by a teacher who has a passion for empowering and educating others, Life Gears Academy was developed as a way of providing education in areas that she felt she couldn't teach in the classroom. As important as the school system is, some students still have gaps in their learning and development which can sometimes lead to a future of frustration and lost hope. This teacher believes that every individual has potential to achieve greatness and find their value so she started Life Gears Academy as a platform for individuals to launch off of.

Why a focus on STEM? With youth finding their strengths and exploring their interests, a lot of youth crave new environments to dig deep into STEM in ways that can sometimes be limited in the classroom. STEM is a huge contributor to advancements in society and that is why we believe that it is important to expose youth to various topics in STEM in an attempt to inspire them to make a difference in these fields.

Why "Life Gears"?

With a focus on life skills while teaching topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, we like to think that we're putting the components of life together like gears putting components of a system together. 

Thank You to Our Community Supporters

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Thank you for all that you have done for us! 

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