Virtual Camps

Weekly Activities and Online Classroom

These programs are based on daily topics with sign-up available per topic for the summer, weekly, or for individual sessions.

Programs include pre-recorded videos, activity write-ups, a live online Google classroom, and a Friday fun and games live video chat, as well as printable certificates for each activity!

To access our FREE CONTENT right now, create/use a Gmail account, navigate to the Google Classroom application, and use the code xetw6dg to join our classroom.

Activities and videos are uploaded based on the following days of the week from July 13 to August 28 (7 weeks).

July 6 to 10 we will be uploading previews of each topic to our website and Facebook.

The cost is $5/session or $15/week (4 topics) or $25/topic (7 sessions).

The ages outlined are suggestions for working alone. More ages and skill levels are supported if an adult is able to help.

Monday - Math and Engineering (ages 8+) with Kendell and Julian

Tuesday - Young Techies (ages 6+ and 9+) with Julian

Wednesday - Young Scientists (ages 8+) with Kendell, Julian, and Julianna

Thursday - Business Brains (ages 11+) with Kendell, Julian, and Julianna

Friday - Live Get Together with all participants and staff from 10:30am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 2:30pm EST


Check out our Teaching Videos page for some examples of what to expect.

Online Topic Outlines

Topics are in orders of the weeks running from July 13 to August 28.

Math and Engineering

Tessellations - A tessellation is a pattern of shapes that fit together perfectly. This week we will combine patterning with creativity to make beautiful artwork from tessellations!

Can Suspense - Learn about structural engineering using only things you have at home, from cardboard and skewers to plain old paper. Using common materials, we are going to try to hold a full can of liquid - like a pop can - as far off a surface as possible.

Fractions - Fractions, probably sounds boring right? This week will make fractions fun by connecting this knowledge to important life skills … be prepared to get messy in the kitchen.

Aerodynamic Experts - Learn about the process behind making things fly. Whether made of paper or metal, all aircraft have to follow the same fundamental rules of aerodynamics. Using paper airplanes, we are going to explore aerodynamics, and see if we can build the best paper airplanes.

Estimation - Ever think you have the right answer, but you don’t know how to check? Estimation is an incredibly important skill that we use every day, but rarely teach. Using a fun, goofy game, we will practice our estimation skills to plan the ultimate (theoretical) prank: filling a room with ping-pong balls.

The Egg Drop - Ever wonder why airbags make car accidents safer? How do helmets prevent head injuries in sports? What is deceleration, and why do we need to consider it when designing safety systems? Learn all this and more by building your own safety system to protect eggs from harsh drops.

Outdoor Math - This week we will connect math to the outdoor world by learning multiple ways to age a tree - that is, find out how old the trees are right in your own backyard!

Young Techies

Finding Technology (6+ and 9+) - Technology is everywhere in today’s world, you just need to know where to look. Learn the things that we use to qualify technology, and where you can find it all over the place. You’d be surprised how much technology surrounds you.

Binary Buddies (6+ and 9+) - Learn how computers speak to one another, and how they convert our numbers into theirs. Using our skills, we will create a bracelet that computers would understand. Learning ASCII has never been so fun.

Maze Solver (6+ and 9+) - Can you write one set of instructions to solve all mazes? Sure you can. Explore the world of algorithms by developing one that can crack any maze - we can even automate it. First, we will plan our algorithms, then test it with Blockly - an online programming language.

Code Breakers (6+ and 9+) - Become a master code breaker by learning about ciphering - a process where we take easy-to-read plain text and turn it into a secret code. With just a little simple math, we can stop unwanted eyes from being able to read anything we want to send.

AI Interaction (9+) - Ever wonder what the world of Artificial Intelligence can do? Ever wonder what kind of things that the AI community has come up with? Enjoy being entertained by AI as they converse with you, guess your drawings, and more.

Python (9+) - Python is one of the most popular modern programming languages - and it is more accessible nowadays than ever. Learn some basic coding techniques and watch your programs run online - start down the path of becoming a master over your computer.

Python II (9+) - Continue your quest for power as we touch on the more advanced features of Python - learn how to write more advanced programs that have more application to simple automation and algorithm building, and take the next step to being one with the machine.

Young Scientists

Solar Power - Harness the power of the sun using nothing but cardboard, tin foil, and our brains. Learn about reflectivity and how heat is transferred from light. Oh, and we will learn all of this by making s’mores using science.

Density - Never throw water on an oil fire. Boats float in water. Mercury causes iron to float. Why do these things happen? Learn about density - a property of matter - and how it causes things to either sink or float on one another.

Heat Transfer - How many different ways have you cooked popcorn before? We will connect the definitions of radiation, convection, and conduction to learn how to cook popcorn in three different ways!

Chemical Reactions - What is a chemical reaction? What is chemistry? How can I learn this at home? The answer to these questions and more are explored in this lesson, where we use common, safe, house-hold chemicals to cause a reaction to occur, and then study what happened and why it happened.

Backyard Biomes - Join our special guest, Zach Schonberger, an Ecologist from the University of Guelph who will take you on a journey through nature’s biomes from the comfort of your own backyard.

Pollination - Join our special guest, Karin Davidson-Taylor, from Pollination Guelph in a live session to discover how plants and animals interact to meet each other’s needs.

Bugs are Cool - Bugs are cool. Bugs make many things in life possible that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy without them. Bugs are an important part of the ecosystem, and play vital roles both indoors and outdoors. Explore the bug-filled world and learn about why they’re important, and what makes them different from us.

Business Brains

Goal Setting - A technique used by successful businessmen and businesswomen. Learn how to set personal and professional goals, and discover strategies to ensure that your goals are achieved!

Marketing - Anyone who has created and maintained a successful business has done so by satisfying the needs of their customers. This tutorial will introduce you to marketing concepts used to target customers, and how these concepts are implemented within a business.

Social Media Marketing - Social media is a part of just about everyone’s life today, and that means that just about everyone can see something you put on there. Use that to your advantage by using social media as a platform for your advertisements, and watch your business or product soar, no matter how small.

Branding - Just Do It. I’m Lovin’ It. The happiest place on Earth. These slogans probably sound familiar to you, right? Discover techniques that established companies use to attract customers.

Customer Service - Think about the last time you went to a restaurant or a store...were your interactions with the employees memorable? We all experience both good and bad customer service from time to time. This tutorial will have you thinking about skills demonstrated in good customer service, and how to develop those skills.

Stock Market Simulation - What is the stock market? How does it work? Learn Wall Street’s secrets, and how to trade equity - or value - investments using a simulation so you can learn without losing real money if your stock dips. If you’re interested in finance, this is right up your alley.

Business Plans - As the summer comes to an end, you will use knowledge acquired throughout the past 7 weeks to develop your own business plans. It is time for some young entrepreneurs to take action!