What to Know Before Camp

When you register for a program you will receive a pre-camp package with details specific to the location that you have registered for. Below is a general outline of what would be included in the package.

General Information

The Location

Here is where the address will be given as well as parking suggestions.

Sign In and Sign Out

Please be sure to sign your camper in at the sign-in table (location will be specified based on location). Your camper will then be able to join the group. Please arrive between 8:45 am and 9am if you did NOT register for extended care, but arrive for as early as 8am if you did register for extended care.

For sign-out, please be sure to sign-out at the same table that you signed in at between 4pm and 4:10pm. If you registered for extended care then you can arrive as late as 5pm.

Please follow these timelines as well as you can in order to respect those who paid extra for extended care. Those who have their campers present during extended care hours will be charged the extended care fee of an extra $10 per day.

What To Do If You're Going To Be Late

If you are going to be arriving after 9am, please send an email to admin@lifegears.org or a text/call to 519-766-3030 letting us know when we can expect you. The doors lock at certain times in the day and we will need to know to look out for you.

Early Pick-up/Appointments

If you will be needing to take your camper from camp at any point in the day, please contact us or let us know during sign-in and we will make arrangements.

Before and After Care

Runs from 8am to 9am and then from 4pm to 5pm in the same location that camp is running, with the same pick-up and drop-off location. During this time, campers will have free time where they will be allowed to play games that we have set aside based on age appropriateness, or just simply hangout with the staff and fellow campers.

Preparing for Camp

What to Expect During the Day

A daily schedule consists of snack breaks from 10:00-10:15am and from 2:30-2:45pm, with a lunch break at from 12-1pm.

The day will consist of a variety of hands-on STEM activities as well as various games.

The activity schedules are only shared if there is a medical or behavioural reason for knowing. This is because our titles might be misleading and activities tend to move around unless there is a strict reason we can’t do that due to a camper’s needs.

What to Bring

  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Water Bottle (not every facility will have a water fountain to drink from)
  • Appropriate shoes (dry and dirt free as well as flat and sturdy)
  • Smiles

What NOT to Bring

  • Nuts or Peanut Butter
  • Valuables
  • Money

Your Camper’s Safety

While we like to have fun and learn at Life Gears Academy, our first priority is always the safety of your camper. All of our staff members are trained in Standard First Aid with CPR C + AED and all of our staff have police record checks for the vulnerable sector.

Our instructors carry a list of emergency contacts at all times in addition to an updated medical record on our campers as well. We have a strict no nut policy and can accommodate other allergies or medical concerns as well. Additionally, all Life Gears Academy staff are trained to deal with EpiPen scenarios.

Medical and Additional Assistance

If a camper is bringing an EpiPen or requires medication to be administered while at camp, we require a Medical Authorization document to be handed in during sign-in. Please include at least the following on your form

  • Name and age of camper
  • Type of medication
  • How often and how it is to be administered (if applicable)
  • Where you would like the medication to be kept (with the camper, in bag, with the instructor, etc.
  • What are some possible side effects that we should look for?
  • Anything else you would like to mention

If your camper requires additional assistance, please contact us before camp starts to ensure that we can make the proper accommodations, and bring a document including the following

  • Camper’s name and age
  • What assistance is required
  • When assistance is required
  • Behaviours/signs to look out for
  • Suggested practices to follow in the case of the above behaviours being shown

In Case of an Emergency

An emergency is anything that our staff or the location can’t control or resolve. This could be anything from an injury that needs an ambulance called in, to a meltdown that continues to escalate or become violent. In the case of an emergency, the emergency contact will be called. Please ensure that that contact is available to receive a phone call throughout the camp time.


Behaviour Policy

Life Gears Academy does not tolerate bullying, violence, abuse of property or other behaviour that may harm or take away from another participant's experience. If a participant is behaving inappropriately they may be sent home for the remainder of the week or day, depending on the severity. Disciplinary measures are at the discretion of the Camp Director.

Inappropriate behaviours refer to anything that is done deliberately that puts someone at risk mentally, physically, or emotionally, as well as actions that continue consistently after being asked to stop. Please let us know if you are needing more clarification on this policy.

Technology Policy

Technology can be both a distraction and theft risk so we discourage the use of it unless it is discussed with us in advance. If necessary, technology can be kept on the camper but they will have to request to step aside to make any texts or phone calls to guardians. If you would like to get in contact with your camper, you are welcome to drop by or contact us.


In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be requested more than 2 weeks prior to the session start date in which the camper is enrolled. Cancellations after this time will be subjected to a depreciating value.

  • Less than 2 weeks before camp: 75% refund
  • Less than 1 week before camp: 50% refund
  • Less than 48 hours before camp: 25% refund
  • On or after the first day of camp: No Refund

Camp transfers are free of charge, however we cannot guarantee space in the program that you are hoping for and the same rules apply in terms of timing restrictions mentioned above.

Refunds During Camp

Life Gears Academy wants what is best for both the campers and the people who send them to camp so we do our best to make programs that will interest a wide range of youth, however we cannot guarantee that our programs will meet the interest of all campers. If you are unsatisfied with your camp experience, please contact us and we can hopefully work something out.


Photographs are only taken of campers who have a signed photo release form, so please do not take photos of campers that aren’t yours and we will refrain from taking photos as well. If a photo is taken of a camper who doesn’t have a release form, it will not be showing their face or anything identifiable. Please contact us if you have any concerns with photographs at camp.

The Team

Here we would include the Instructors who will be teaching your camper.