2019 Summer Camps

Summer Camp Schedule

Camp is offered at various locations for various costs. Please see below for what is being offered for 2019.

Camp is offered Mondays to Friday, 9am to 4pm with extended care from 8am to 5pm. (* means a 4 day week).

Registration is now open for some camps.

Guelph Schedule

Kortright Hills Neighbourhood Group Community Room 23 Ptarmigan Dr. Guelph, Ontario.

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*4 day weeks with discounted cost

Blue is one group of 10 for all the ages 4 to 11


Camp will be held at St Mildred's-Lightbourn School at 1080 Linbrook Rd, Oakville

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Prices range depending on the cost of available space and are available here.

All camps run Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm with extended care from 8am to 5pm for an extra $10 per day.

*4 day weeks (Week 1 and Week 6) are the lower price in the ranges.

Camp Descriptions

STEM Gamers

Like playing games and also like STEM? This camp includes board games and group games that use STEM to win the game! Examples include Mousetrap teaching Engineering/ Forces/ Energy and Battleship teaching math and statistics.

Innovative Designers and Young Builders

Explore discoveries made in STEM fields while learning what it takes to make inventions of their own. Join us for a week of designing and building while thinking about how we could use STEM to make improvements.

Young Coders and Coding Minds

Computers are all around us and understanding more about how they work is important. This camp is a mixture of computer science activities as well as crafts and games.

Crafts and Games

This week is filled with fun and games inside and outside where you even get to make your own game to keep! You will also get to do some beautiful and useful arts and crafts.

Girl STEMpowerment

Empowering young women to realize their potential and to discuss their presence in STEM fields. This is designed for anyone who identifies as a girl and who wants to come together with other girls to discuss ways that they can make a difference.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Team

With Airplanes, Forensics, Slime and more, this camp gets your hands and mind into various topics in STEM!

Magic STEM

Ever felt like STEM is full of magic? This week you’ll learn some magic tricks and optical illusions with the help of STEM!

Bug Buddies

If you think insects, and digging in the dirt is awesome then this is the camp for you! Catch and watch bugs and even build some of your own!

Furry Friends

If you love animals like we do then join us for this week of discovering how different animals live and even hear from a Veterinarian about animal medicine! We will build habitats, act as different animals, and play predator versus prey!

Camp Activity Schedules

Camp activities run 9am to 4pm with a snack break at 10 am and 2pm with a lunch break 12 to 1pm.

We only release our camp activity schedule if there is a medical or behavioural reason that it has to be known. This is for a few reasons but mostly because, as most people in education know, things don't always go as planned and the schedules tend to change. We would hate for your camper to be excited about something that doesn't end up happening. We also spend a lot of time and money on developing our schedules and would be in trouble if they were shared with other groups. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

If you have questions about the schedule, please feel free to contact us with a specific question and we will be happy to discuss what to expect.