2018 Summer Camps

Summer Camp Schedule

The following grades refer to what grade your camper will be entering in the Fall and they are guidelines but not requirements. (* means a 4 day week).

We have had to cancel some camps due to low enrolment. We apologize greatly for any disappointment this may have caused. What is shown on the chart below is still being offered.

Registration is now open

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Prices range from $205 to $290 depending on the cost of available space and are available here. Note that the minimum wage increase has also increased our fees.

All camps run Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm with extended care from 8am to 5pm for an extra $10 per day.

*4 day weeks (Week 1 and Week 6) are the lower price in the ranges.

Specialty camps (Computer programming, Robotics, and Video Game Developers) are $30 to $50 more than the standard camps because of the equipment that they involve.

Camp Descriptions

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Team

Life Skills: Critical Thinking, Problem solving, and Teamwork.

This camp will offer hands-on activities in various STEM topics from Biology/ Living things to Programming as well as engineering design challenges and adding/ subtracting. Topics include but are not limited to various types of engineering, habitats and species, math and riddles, chemistry, and building and design.

Innovative Designers

Life Skills: Problem Solving, Creative thinking, and Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Campers will learn about innovative ideas and discoveries made in STEM fields while learning what it takes to make inventions of their own. This camp will get kids thinking about what problems exist in the world and how they could use discoveries in STEM to make improvements. Topics include but are not limited to Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, building and design, and technology.

Games and Riddles

Life Skills: Critical thinking, Teamwork, and Communication.

This camp is great for anyone who loves to play board games and use their mind to solve puzzles. Consists of daily riddles and puzzles for everyone to try to crack while also learning to play new strategy based board games from the selection at the Boardroom Guelph's Game Cafe. There will be a chance to teach other's their favourite games while also learning to play new one.

Dungeons and Dragons

Life Skills: Communication, Creativity, and Problem Solving.

Ever wanted to be a wizard casting spells, or a ranger who is a skilled archer in order to complete quests and challenges? Dungeons and Dragons could be the game for you. In this camp you will build a character of your choice and play them in a party of 4 others to complete multiple challenges and learn about world development.

STEM Gamers

Life Skills: Teamwork, Communication, and Problem Solving.

This camp will take place at The Boardroom Guelph's Game Cafe and will mostly consist of playing board games while learning STEM concepts through the games (with of course some free time to play your favourite games). Examples include Mousetrap teaching Engineering/ Forces/ Energy and Battleship teaching math and statistics. Topics include but are not limited to various types of engineering, habitats and species, math and riddles, human body, and building and design.

Board Gamers

Life Skills: Teamwork, Communication, and Problem Solving.

This camp is made for those who love to sit and play boardgames all day! We will learn a variety of games and also allow free time to play favourite games at the Boardroom Guelph's Game Cafe.

Computer Programmers

Life Skills: Communication, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking

Learn the fundamentals of programming in this 5 day course. From simple variables and conditionals to loops and functions, campers will build a solid understanding of these concepts in Python.


Life Skills: Problem Solving, Time Management, and Critical Thinking

Campers will explore the world of Robotics to learn about how they are put to use all around us and the impact that they make on society. This camp allows campers to take home their very own Robotics Kit to use at home to further their learning and exploration! Robots from Robot in a Can, check them out here

Video Game Developers

Life Skills: Giving and Receiving Feedback, Time Management, and Problem Solving

This camp focuses on the industry of Video Games and teaches participants how to develop their own video game. This is great for youth looking to learn about computer programming and graphic design while also getting to play video games. This camp covers the fundamentals of programming and the event-action model through game design activities. Campers will create animated sprites, emulate real world physics in 2D, and exercise their creative abilities by designing levels and games of their own!

Girl STEMpowerment

Life Skills: Mindfulness, Conflict Management, and Confidence

This camp works to empower young women to realize their potential and to discuss their presence in STEM fields. This is designed for anyone who identifies as a girl and who wants to come together with other girls to discuss ways that they can make a difference. Topics include but are not limited to careers in STEM, medicine, environment, chemistry, engineering, and animals.

STEM Leaders

Life Skills: Leadership, Time Management, Organization, and Communication

This camp is developed for youth who want to find the leader in themselves while also learning about STEM. These campers will spend a majority of their week working with the younger camps as leaders in training where they will learn how to teach and assist others. This will also involve check-ins as a group to discuss what they are learning and to give support to each other. Topics include but are not limited to various types of engineering, math and riddles, chemistry, and building and design.

Gearing Forward

Life Skills: Leadership, Time Management, Entrepreneurial, and Decision Making

This camp is aimed at high school level students who are wondering what to do after high school. This camp will focus on various opportunities that exist after high school while bringing in people who will tell their stories about how they got to where they are. We will work on resume development, networking skills, and how to handle life without parental supervision while discussing various fields of STEM, and Business.

Camp Activity Schedules

Camp activities run 9am to 4pm with a snack break at 10 am and 2pm with a lunch break 12 to 1pm.

We only release our camp activity schedule if there is a medical or behavioural reason that it has to be known. This is for a few reasons but mostly because, as most people in education know, things don't always go as planned and the schedules tend to change. We would hate for your camper to be excited about something that doesn't end up happening. We also spend a lot of time and money on developing our schedules and would be in trouble if they were shared with other groups. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

If you have questions about the schedule, please feel free to contact us with a specific question and we will be happy to discuss what to expect.